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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Congratulations Marsha & Danny!

I can’t get enough of how beautiful Marsha’s photos turned out. She is absolutely gorgeous! When we did her photo shoot she was due to have her baby the next day! But she’s so tiny that she looks like she still has a few more months to go. Lucky. Boudoir Photographer IMG_0921c  Boudoir Photographer IMG_0864a Boudoir Photographer IMG_0699c
There has been a flurry of activity in the maternity photography portion of my business in the last few months. I am hoping that more and more women realize just how beautiful they are when they’re pregnant (and when they’re not)! I mean, look at her – she’s stunning!

On a related note: I have had a few inquiries asking if I only work with models. This is crazy! ALL of the beautiful ladies featured on my blog (and website) are real people, just like you! Please don’t feel like you need to look a certain way or be a certain size to have photos done. Believe me, you are already beautiful!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Splash of Pink!

After many, many months of planning (and procrastinating), The Boudoir Boutique made its debut at the PWG Bridal Show at the Buena Vista Palace in Orlando. There were times when I didn’t think everything would get done, but I have been blessed with the greatest friends in the world, and thanks to their help everything came together beautifully! We arrived bright and early (8:30am!!!) and were greeted by the wonderful staff at the hotel who helped us unload and bring everything to our booth. We started setting up and I wasn’t totally sure how everything would look, but I loved the way it turned out. We received compliments all day long from brides, but what I wasn’t expecting were the compliments from other photographers and vendors at the show. It meant a lot because this was my first show, and I didn’t know what to expect! 

The accolades: All my love and thanks to all the amazing people that helped me put this together. Without them the result would have been completely different! Yram and Meagan were with me most of the week leading up to the event and dealt with me going a little nutty, like a cashew. Yram also did the beautiful flower arrangements. He truly has a gift (which according to his mother, Mary, came from her)! He also just had knee surgery last week for a torn ACL, so he really is a trooper. His father, Edwin, was brilliant designing the structure of the booth and figuring out how all the pipes work together. Meagan had the brilliant idea to use the pink panels (of which I already owned a few). It really was a stroke of genius on her part, because that hot pink was what made the booth so awesome! In a good way, not in an oh-my-god-Pepto-Bismol-exploded-in-there kind of way! She also spent a lot of time the day of steaming them. Thank you! Joe came over the night before to help me load the car, so we drank wine and chatted instead! He was great! He also brought me breakfast and COFFEE the next day while helping us load in. So thoughtful! Brett made a beautiful slideshow of my images (in the midst of an extremely busy week at work) and also brought a gorgeous monitor to display them on. And then he surprised us all by being so good with all the visitors to the booth! We call him the dark horse. Ginette and Monique were amazing. They’re really good at talking to people and helped so much with getting everyone’s information for the prize drawing. Lorrie and Sangita also have this gift of talking to people. They’re all much better at it than I am! ;) Amy is also good at that, and she is also a social media consultant. In the past I haven’t been as good about keeping up with facebook and other online communication tools, but she is nudging me in the right direction! Please visit us on facebook!
IMG_0787 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0796 IMG_0799b IMG_0800a IMG_0801a IMG_0802a

More pictures to come as I get them. :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wanda’s Mommy-to-Be Session

Wanda is expecting a baby girl the first week of June (and is already overdue)! Her name will be Chloe Elizabeth. Some of Wanda’s photos were enlarged and displayed at her baby shower – which was something she was not expecting! This shoot was a lot of fun! Well, all my shoots are fun. But we had a great vibe going with everyone involved in this one. Hair, makeup, and fan by Ginette. Music by DJ Meagan.
 IMG_0142a IMG_0160bIMG_0187b IMG_0218b IMG_0243a IMG_0301a

Saturday, March 21, 2009

C’s Boudoir Photo Shoot

I have been looking forward to this boudoir photo shoot for a while. When C contacted me a few weeks ago, she asked if I worked with a makeup artist and hair stylist. I told her yes and she booked the shoot immediately! Normally people have a few more questions to ask me before they book their shoot, but C knew exactly what she wanted! The stylists I wanted to work with were unavailable so I scrambled a bit to find one. I didn’t know it would be so difficult to find some one else until I found myself looking! After a couple of days of biting my nails, I came across Janet Mednick’s website, On Site Beauty, and gave her a call. She called me back right away and was available for the shoot. Hooray! Janet was great to work with – very professional and helpful! She has many, many years of experience doing hair and makeup for weddings, photo shoots, film, stage – you name it! Here is Janet in action (from her


When C arrived she was a little frazzled because she spent the previous 10 minutes knocking on the wrong door, and she didn’t have my number on her! She did eventually find it so we cranked up the music and got to work making her even more beautiful and setting everything up for her. She brought some wine to help ease her nerves, and I must say it helped! ;) My fabulous friend, Joe Berry, was also there as an assistant. He. Is. Fabulous! 

In the first few shots I could tell she was a little uncomfortable, but after looking through her proofs and seeing the progression of her photo shoot, I noticed when she was able to relax, and that is when her photos really became extraordinary. Don’t get me wrong, they were all beautiful. But there’s just something special about the latter portion of her shoot!

Janet grabbed a rose from a bush outside and C immediately got to work using it as a prop! This particular series of shots was really nice:




Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gorgeous Ms. Ginette

Finally! I am finally blogging about my awesome boudoir photo shoot with Ginette and Gretchen. My incredible friends Sangita and Sanjay built an amazing custom house in Winter Park that was sitting there empty, so Sangita offered to let me use it for a few photo shoots. This house is just amazing. I didn’t want to leave! Gretchen arrived first with a small suitcase full of lingerie (which is totally typical, you want to have a lot of lingerie choices for your photo shoot). I gave her a tour of the house and then she did her hair and makeup while I set up the studio lights and backdrops / sets. In the meantime Ginette arrived and got ready with Gretchen. Then we all had a glass of champagne, turned on the music and started shooting pictures! It really was one of the best photo shoots I’ve ever had. They were both so professional and helpful in trying different poses. I can’t wait to work with them again.

Here’s Ginette, isn’t she gorgeous?!


Look at those EYES!

Ginette plans fabulous themed parties for children and grown ups too! For kids she does Princess, Pirates, and Spa Parties. She does Cooking and Spa parties for big kids (grown-ups)! I have worked a few of these parties with her, and every single time I hear the parents gushing about how wonderful it is. They can enjoy the party without having to run around doing everything, and the kids absolutely LOVE how much fun it is. Last time I did a party with her, one little girl told me she was sad that it was going to end! Click here for her website Butterfly Dreams.

Look for Gretchen’s pictures in the next post. :)

To schedule your lingerie or boudoir photo shoot with The Boudoir Boutique, just call Ana Cabrera at 407.579.4569 or visit the website at The Boudoir Boutique.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I created one, just wanted to share:


Ergo, Boudoir

I had a shopping excursion today! I decided it would be nice to get a few new props for my boudoir clients. I re-he-heally (I must be channeling Dr. Cox from Scrubs) wanted this awesome purple chair I found, but for its *clearance* price, I was able to get a lot more things I needed. The chair will have to wait. Instead I got a humongous mirror – it may even be too big. I believe it’s about 3’x6’ but it may work out perfectly. I’ll use it in my next shoot and see how it goes! I found the most precious little footstool / mini ottoman. Maybe precious isn’t the right word for it, but it sure is cute! It is made of dark brown leather with a nail trim. Then I found two awesome easels that I’ll use to display large prints or canvas, AND while I was there I found the cutest apron in the whole wide world! It is black with white polka-dots and ruffles – and it gets better – it has a pocket with a monogrammed initial on it! I got one trimmed in pink with an “A” on it for me, and I got one trimmed in green with a “J” on it for my mom. Her kitchen is being remodeled tomorrow, so I’m gonna surprise her with it then. And the best part was that they were on sale for 50% off! I love finding stuff like that. But wait, does this mean I’m gonna have to cook now?? Shoot, I should have thought this through …

Fortunately, I like to cook! I never understood the appeal of a crockpot until I finally got one! I make the most incredible chili – I challenge anyone to a chili cook-off, for I will surely win!

Oh! I also got an inflatable mattress. For what, you ask? Well, since many of my photo shoots take place in different locations, and since I am a boudoir photographer, and since boudoir literally means a woman's bedroom, and since most bedrooms include a bed, and since most beds include a mattress, I felt it necessary to add one to my portable studio. Next week I have a boudoir shoot in an empty house, so it will be nice to use the inflatable mattress to create the appearance of a woman's bedroom; ergo, boudoir.

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